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Tea and Biccies (Cosy Tea, Byron Bay Biscuits)

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I have been in tea heaven since discovering Cosy Tea’s range of organic flavoured teas. Since my first review – Cosy Tea’s Lemon Green Organic Tea – I have had the pleasure of being introduced to the rest of the Cosy Tea family:

From the top left these are: Organic Fruit Infusion with Echinacea; Organic Chamomile Infusion; Bottom row from left: Organic Chunmee Green Tea with Jasmine; Organic Rooibos Tea with Vanilla; Organic Peppermint Infusion; (and of course missing member here is the Organic Sencha Green Tea with Lemon).

All the teas are certified organic by the Organic Trust – and all are equally delicious. Each time I’ve tried a new one I have said, ‘now that’s my new favourite’, only to say the same again when I try the next. But today’s favourite is the Organic Rooibos with Vanilla, which I enjoyed with Byron Bay’s new Citrus Lemon Butterburst Biscuits for an extra treat.

Mmmmm! The Rooibos tea is very smooth-tasting and comforting. The perfect tea for these autumnal days. The knitting on the box – Achernar Cable stitch knitted by Fiona Fagan – suited the tea perfectly, which is the taste equivalent of a warm cable-knit jumper on bonfire night. I’m thinking this tea would also be wonderful to poach fruit in for a warming dessert – I’m thinking of poached pears, adding some sugar and some ginger or even juniper berries.

Byron Bay’s Citrus Lemon Butterburst were the perfect accompaniment, like a little piece of the sunshine that still lingers on these colder days. The taste is lively and refreshing, lovely and buttery with just the right amount of lemon flavouring. They also have a very satisfying crunch to them!

Cosy Tea and Byron Bay Cookies are the perfect pairing and both can be purchased from Beyond the Bean or look out for them in your local cafe. Or come round mine for elevenses!

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