Introducing my other Princess

Introducing my other Princess

You all know by now just how much I am in love with the Princess, my Pashley Princess Sovereign. Sadly, the Princess will not be appearing here for a while due to being damaged in an accident (sob!). But fear not, she is not the only princess in my life. The real treasure is my lovely daughter Princess Pearl – not a blood royal of course, but a princess to me and to everyone who meets her.

I’m delighted to introduce you to Pearl, who has very kindly agreed to be my model for any beauty and fashion reviews here on Molly and the Princess, despite the demands of her university studies (brains as well as beauty!).


Princess Pearl


So now my loyal readers, you will no longer have to put up with photos of the headless Molly, and I will enjoy trying out lots of beauty products and fashion on the lovely Pearl.

This is not Pearl’s first appearance on Molly and the Princess – you may remember her modelling my Lady Umbrella teeshirt – and there will be plenty more to come. Watch out for our upcoming review of Tabio Garter Border tights (which I first mentioned here).

To any designers or retailers reading, if you would like your products featured on Molly and the Princess, please contact me on

(Photograph courtesy of Dan Atkinson, all rights reserved)