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The Missing Princess

Posted by on Jan 6, 2011 in Travel & Leisure | 3 comments

New readers to my blog may be wondering where is the eponymous Princess, who hasn’t put in an appearance for quite a while now? Sadly, the Princess, my Pashley Princess Sovereign bicycle, is no more. Regular readers will remember that I was knocked off said Princess a couple of months ago by a car (which didn’t stop) as I was cycling on a roundabout. The Princess was a complete write off – though miraculously I escaped relatively unscathed – and all I am left with is the basket and the manual.



I love the retro styling of the manual, and particularly the section on ‘Riding Style and Etiquette’. I do follow the guidance to ‘Be polite. Whilst riding a bicycle you are an ambassador for all cyclists‘. If only the driver who knocked me down had read a driving etiquette manual.



I am now cycling a hire bicycle while my accident claim is being dealt with by the Police and the wonderfully helpful people at CAMS. The hire bike gets me where I need to go, but some of the pleasure of cycling is lacking – I miss my Princess! I hope my insurance claim is successful and I will be able to get another Princess Sovereign, but I have no idea how long the whole process will take. As each Pashley is made to order, and can take around ten weeks, I imagine that it’s likely to be summer before I am reunited with a Princess.


So blog readers, Molly and the Princess should really be renamed Molly without the Princess, but I’m leaving the title as it is for now, in fond memory of the Princess!


I think my posts may have been sounding a melancholic of late, so to cheer things up, I will post a picture of my new shoes from Aspire Style in my next post – they are gorgeous! But you will have to wait until tomorrow, it is a post a day challenge after all, not post twice a day – I don’t want to overdo it ;)



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