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My Aunty Ba’s Pancakes

Posted by on Mar 8, 2011 in Food & Drink, Personal | 10 comments

Today is both International Women’s Day and Pancake Tuesday, which has prompted me to write about a very special lady who made me the very best pancakes, my aunty Ba. My aunty got her nickname from one or other of my siblings who tried to say her name in baby talk and it came out Ba, and stuck. It was an appropriate name for us as babies though, as my aunty lived with us, so ma, da, and ba will have been our first words.     We all shared a room with Ba when we were little, and she would tell us stories every night, ‘true’ stories of fairies in Tipperary where she...

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FAB Beauty Giveaway

Posted by on Mar 8, 2011 in Fashion & Beauty, Giveaways | 99 comments

FAB – First Aid Beauty, hot off the streets of the USA, and a global bestselling beauty range, is now available for the first time in the UK. I’ve been testing some of their products, which I have been really impressed with, and am delighted to be able to share with you in a FAB giveaway here on Molly and the Princess.     The FAB travel kit (above) contains First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser (28.3g), First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream (30ml), First Aid Beauty Gentle Body Wash (56.7 g) and First Aid BeautyBody Moisturizer (56.7 g) – mini sizes of essential products,...

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