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Magpie Monday: Fishy Fabric

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It’s a bit of a reverse Magpie Monday for me this week, as I have been having a big clear out and filling lots of bags to take to the charity shop myself. But I am left with a dilemma – what to do with pieces that you love but do not use/display and you know you never will, yet do not want to part with? Should they be left languishing in a drawer/cupboard or given away/sold so that someone else can enjoy them properly?

This is the question I am asking about some vintage (1950s?) fabric that I bought many years ago at Brick Lane market:

The fabric consists of four 64cm x 200cm lengths, roughly sewn together to make a pair of curtains. The wording on the selvedge says that they are ‘Horndean hand prints, Guaranteed fast colours’ and the design is ‘CREEL, Designed by Ann Cassey, Screen Engraving by Marion Daysh’. A quick google search does not bring up any information on the fabric, but a little about Ann Cassey, who studied textile design at the Central School of Arts in London before embarking on a career as a freelance designer in 1953. She then owned and is now Honorary President of Blendworth (formerly Sixten & Cassey).

The fishes have been so beautifully realised and I think the fabric is a real work of art, yet I know I will never use it for curtains or furnishing, so what to do? It would seem a shame to cut it up to make smaller items, but if I do not do anything with it it will go back in the drawer only to be pulled out and pondered over in my next clear out.

All advice gratefully received! What would these two fishes say?


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