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Fusion Taste Team: Challenge 2 – Ayam Percik (Vegetarian & Vegan)

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Challenge No. 2 in the Fusion Taste Team Challenge was to use WORLDFOODS Malaysian Coconut Chilli marinade, made with coconut milk, sugar, chilli, salt, onion, pepper and turmeric, to make Ayam Percik. Ayam Percik is traditionally made with chicken, marinated in the spicy sauce, and cooked over a chicken fire.

As we are vegetarian, and don’t particularly like Quorn chicken substitutes, I gave up on any attempt at Ayam Percik authenticity, and just marinated tofu for a few hours in the sauce, then used it to make kebabs with what other kebab-ish ingredients I had to hand, which were: red and orange peppers, fresh pineapple, cherry tomatoes, and onions.

I had intended to barbecue, but it turned a bit chilly and very windy this evening, so I ended up grilling the kebabs indoors, basting with extra Chilli Coconut Marinade as they cooked, and serving with Basmati and Wild Rice. The result was delicious, and once again WORLDFOODS can be given the thumbs up for another tasty sauce, easy to cook meal, and three clean plates chez Molly.

Demolished Kebabs

The only thing I missed was a bit of green, and crunchiness, so I’m thinking next time I will serve with sugar snap peas as well, and there will be a next time, hopefully barbecued, as this was very very tasty!

Stay tuned for Fusion Taste Team Challenge No 3!

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