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One of those days/weeks …

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Yesterday, everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and more – right up to the minute I hopped into bed only to be greeted by a fast running spider that I couldn’t catch (there was nothing for it but to cocoon myself in the duvet and shut my mouth tightly)!

(Identifying it from my dad’s book was the last thing on my mind!)

I was hoping for a better day today, but it seems bad luck is still stuck to me like a limpet. I planned to spend the evening writing some of the product reviews I have building up, but first of all wanted to put up a new lightshade that I bought yesterday. I fitted the top section of the shade, replaced the bulb, checked it was working – it was – then fitted the bottom (glass) section, switched the light on again at the wall – nothing. Except complete darkness, as the fuse for the all the house lights must have blown in the process.

I’m guessing the bottom portion of the shade was too heavy for the fitting, and pulled on the wire? Who knows. All I know is that we are sat here in the dark, and Mr G is not happy as he had an important piece of work to finish this evening, and is not going to do it by tealight (nor am I going to write any posts, save for this one).

(Our son, who is a keen survivalist, was of course fully prepared for any such eventuality and quickly donned a head torch)

Here’s hoping that good luck will return tomorrow, and normal blogging duties will resume, but in the meantime please do send lots of positive vibes this way – I clearly need them!

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