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Magpie Monday: Expensive Bargains

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I love a bargain, and never more than on Magpie Monday, but two of my recent thrifty finds ended up costing me a lot more than the few pounds I paid for them in the charity shop.

You might remember my blogging-in-the-dark episode la couple of weeks ago, well it was all the fault of this light shade, bought for the princely sum of £2 (reduced from £4):

I bought it immediately after viewing a house we were hopeful to move into, and for which it would have been perfectly suited. The move didn’t happen, but the shade scrubbed up nicely, so I thought I may as well hang it up in the hallway at home, as we will be staying put for a while now. But the glass shade was too heavy for the ancient light fitting, and blew all the light fuses in the house, just as Mr G was in the middle of some work to meet a deadline. So my £2 lampshade ended up costing Mr G that piece of work, and an electrician call out. It does look nice though!

My next bargain was this lovely framed embroidery panel for £3:

Someone had put a lot of time and effort into this piece of work, and I could not let it languish on a dark wall at the very back of the charity shop. I loved the peacock, the individual characters of the flowers (reminding me of the herbaceous border I helped my dad plant when I was young) and that it had been loving framed and the title ‘An Old English Garden’ inscribed in pencil on the mount.

As much as I loved the embroidery and its charming mount, I knew it deserved a better frame, and this is where the expense came in. On top of my initial £3 spend I ended up paying over £54 for professional framing, but I think you will agree that it does look beautiful:

The picture framer has done a wonderful job and the double mount really focuses the attention on the embroidery and draws out the colour tones. I asked for some space to be left around the embroidery so that the stitched border can be seen, rather than it being overlapped with the mount.

I am very happy with the framed embroidery, and in no way begrudge the money spent on it – it deserves it, and it is a fitting tribute to its beauty and the work gone into its creation. This week, however, I am not buying anything that requires any extra work or expense, and have surprised myself by spending only 50p at yesterday’s car boot sale. What did I buy? – two little framed pictures – that are staying exactly as they are!

I’m looking forward to checking out the other Magpie Monday posts over on Me and My Shadow. You can too, by clicking the button below. The big question is: Has Liz been crazy or sensible this week?

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