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A few weeks ago I wrote about how I had joined my local Freecycle group, and promptly found takers for a computer tower, turntable, dvd player, and stack of used jiffy bags! Since then I have been avidly following Freecycle listings, and responding to wants – this week I answered a want for a duvet to be used for a new litter of puppies, I have plenty to spare so was happy to part with one. My son said ‘Mum, you’re becoming obsessed with Freecycle – we’ll have nothing left’ to which the minimalist Mr G retorted ‘that would be nice’.

Just in case Mr G was getting too comfortable with all the giving away, and thinking his dream of living like a monk in a cell would soon be realised, I thought I’d given away enough to start responding to some Freecycle ‘Offers’. I couldn’t believe my luck when something I have been wanting for a long time was listed – a sewing box.



I was so excited when I got an email saying I could come and collect it. Ok, so I’d really been lusting after a Liberty sewing box like Missie Lizzies’s , but now I love this ‘Made in Taiwan’ one even more. I love the blue, and that it was freecycled by a lovely young man, and I only had to cycle up the road to pick it up. My sewing box has been a shoe box for at least fifteen years (I know because it is a decorated shoe box that my daughter received some birthday presents in for one of her early birthdays) and I am very happy to have some where more ‘purpose-built’ to transfer its contents to.



I’m now on the lookout for some lovely vintage cotton reels to go in it, so more Magpie Monday hunting must be done, but not too much if I am to keep the clutter under control, and Mr G happy 😉

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  1. Oooooh I love freecycle!!! It is awesome!! Is such a great way to recycle! I store things up to list on there!! Love it!! It is very addictive!! :-) Happy Freecycling!! xxxx

  2. Oh your sewing box is so lovely. It looks completely unused.

    I really do like it, it’s a lovely colour -well done for nabbing it!

    I’ve given away quite a bit on Freecycle too. Sadly in my area people can be a bit rude and ungrateful and it’s put me off a bit. I mean, if you’re getting a £300 second-hand buggy for free, the least you could do is drop an email to say thanks. No?

    Thanks for joining and good luck on getting the giving/receiving balance right!

  3. We adore freecycle. We have some repro tulip chairs, a vintage Singer sewing machine, a dishwasher and lots of small one’s clothes which all came from lovely freecyclers. We’ve also had some real feelgood moments – a futon we thought would never be wanted was loved by a young girl just out of a halfway house and in her first bedsit and our old dining room chairs were used at another lady’s wedding! It’s a way of life 😀

  4. I love your sewing basket…… rushes off to discover freecycling …….

  5. Wow your sewing bits and bobs won’t know what’s hit them moving from a bedsit to a swanky apartment, fab find and even better being for free! x

    • That’s a nice way of putting it!

  6. Oh it’s perfect, and looks as good as new! I’ll keep my eye out for vintage cotton reels for you M xxx

  7. I am absolutely green with envy – this is gorgeous! And I’m sure you’ll find lots of lovely vintage sewing items to go with it.
    I never manage to get anything for me on freecycle – though it has been a really effective way of getting rid of stuff.

  8. Might be able to help you with vintage sewing stuff as trying to rehome some of my late Mum’s stuff. Might do a post with pics and share it out to those who want it from the lovely Magpie crew.

    • What a lovely thing to do – I would feel very honoured to re-home some of your mum’s sewing bits. Hope sorting out isn’t too sad a job for you xxx

  9. How lovely. Isn’t it nice that there are still people who just want to give their stuff to a good home. Decorative and useful!

  10. When I had a car to get around in on a regular basis I loved to freecycle.
    Being out in the country often I had to meet people aprt way just to pass things along.
    There are the same 4 moms who seem to pass around kids toys and clothing every 3 or 4 months. I am sure everyone benefits.

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