Gosh Nail Glitter: Review and Giveaway

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Glitter is IN this season, or so I’m told. Not that there is ever a time when a little glitter isn’t welcome – and now you can add your own glitter effects to your nails thanks to a new range of glitter pots from GOSH, available exclusively from Superdrug.



GOSH Nail Glitters are available in ten different shades, and cost just £3.99 a pot. Application is simple: you just apply a base coat of your chosen polish, then dip your nail into the small jar of glitter, and brush off any excess with a cosmetic brush.



You can of course dip your whole nail in for the full glitter effect, or just the tips, or even take a pinch of glitter and sprinkle it over your base coat for a more subtle glitter effect – the possibilities are endless.

My nails are not long enough to do the glitter pots justice, but I enjoyed playing around with the different effects. Here are this week’s nails, painted to match my new filofax and dipped in blue GOSH glitter.
Gosh    blue nail glitter


But why not try for yourself? I have five sets of GOSH Nail Glitters to give away, each containing two pots of glitter. All you need to do is leave a comment under this post saying what nail base colour and glitter combination you would like to rock this autumn! The ten GOSH Glitter shades to chose from are: Silver, Gold, Dark Silver, Pink, Rose, Lilac, Purple, Aqua, Blue and Light Lilac.

Five winners will be chosen at random from all comments received by midnight on Sunday 23 October. Each winner will receive two pots of GOSH Nail Glitter in shades chosen by the prize sponsor. I will contact the winners by email, and reserve the right to choose another if no response received within 7 days.

Good luck everyone, and have a sparkly week!

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  1. Interesting! I’m always up for trying a new nail effect. I’d probably go for purple or navy blue with silver tips. Does it stay on well or come off in your sandwich?

    • It stays on brilliantly – I had mine on for days before I took it off, but I’m sure it would have lasted a lot longer. I like your choice of navy blue with silver tips, I’m going to try that one as I have navy polish and the silver GOSH glitter pot. Good luck in the giveaway!

  2. i would go for pink with silver tips – these look fab!

    • good choice! and good luck in the draw x

  3. I would go for the aqua or blue with purple tips.

    • I’m loving these suggestions. Fingers crossed for you in the giveaway.

  4. I like the idea of pink and rose together

  5. I’d like pink with silver tips combination

  6. I’d go for white with Rose glitter.

  7. These look fab! I like the idea of purple with a sprinkling of silver glitter.

  8. Loving all the suggestions so far – and I am definitely going to try out some of those combinations. Good luck to everyone in the giveaway xx

  9. What a fab giveaway (especially as my nail art obsession has reached a peak) – love your grey and blue nails, very sophisticated! I got directed here via KatGotTheCream on Twitter & very pleased I am too.

    My nail combination would be (although I can think of about a million) a very deep glossy black base with gold tips. Or, a plain base colour in pale pink, then with a dragged stroke of dark pink on top, with Rose glitter sprinkled on the dragged stroke…as you can tell, loving nail art at the moment!


    • wow, great ideas, and welcome over from the lovely KatGotTheCream :) best of luck in the draw x

  10. Ooh, never tried anything like this before. How about black with gold tips for the Christmas party season!

  11. What a cute effect!

    My current favourite nail colour is mushroom, so I’d glam it up with some gold! Goldfinger ;0)

  12. Oooh Silver with purple tips for me – what a brightener to any outfit x

  13. I would go for red with silver tips!

  14. Gorgeous, I’m mad for blues so aqua or the blue over another blue shade, I’d feel like a mermaid 😉

  15. black with pink tips :)

  16. Would definitely be pink with rose glitter tips!

  17. I would go for a navy base with aqua sprinkles :)

  18. I would go for a grey base with purple tips

  19. Just what Ive been looking for !!

    Pillar box red with silver glitter tips to match my dance shoes

  20. loving the gold – and rose combination

  21. I think you did a good job with your tips! I’ve not seen these yet – probably because I keep scooting past the make-up aisle with every effort to keep my purse in my bag.

    I’d probably try and attempt a Lupine & pearl marble effect and dust it off with either the light lilac or sliver glitter! Nice! =D

  22. I would go for purple with blue tips, what a fascinating colour block that would be…

  23. Pink with silver tips for me.

  24. purple with silver tips would be stunning

  25. oh wow what a fab feature! i love having bright nails ive never thought of using a glitter before on them! it looks fab!! i like them all its hard to pick just one!! the blue in the photo with glitter tips look fab!! has inspired me to pop out for some glitter!!! ha! i like the thought of black nails with some glitter on top tho now!! think ill be asking father christmas for lots for christmas!! xx

  26. This looks so easy, but really really pretty. Its got to be gold or silver for Christmas. What about painting on a pattern with a clear colour for a contrast?

  27. I’d go for a dark red polish with gold tips… a little hint of Christmas creeping in 😉

  28. I would choose pink with rose tips

  29. I’m into zebra print in a big way at the moment so i would go for the dark silver glitter base with a zebra print in the vibrant purple. : )

  30. Red and Dark Silver would be my choice

  31. wow. what a great product! i would go for purple with silver tips, for the party season ahead!

  32. silver please

  33. A creamy brown with the gold glitter – lovely autumn colours :-) This is a fab giveaway that i can share with all my clients so lots of people get to try it out. I love nail art and could sit there for hours doing it so this is perfect.

  34. I would definitely go for silver base with pink glitter. This is an amazing effect!

  35. I like the purple and gold, both christmassy colours and they both go well with my staple wardrobe colour of black ;0)
    Thanks for the giveaway

  36. Pink with silver tips is very pretty! :)

  37. My favourite nail colour is red, so I’d go with a red base sprinkled with gold…..great giveaway, Thanks

  38. I would go for a black base coat with gold sprinkled over, what a fun concept and a great way to jazz up your excisting nail varnish

  39. Purple glitter on a pink base! Theses look amazing!! certainly glam up my mummy nails :-)

  40. i’d love red, perfect for xmas time

  41. black, very vamprie!!

  42. It would have to be purple and gold – bring you from autumn to Xmas!

  43. Oh cool, aqua and lilac for me!

  44. Pale pink with white glitter, glam French manicure 😉

  45. White base, black tips :) Kinda like a french nail type 😉

  46. has to be pastel pink with silver sparkle

  47. there is so many good combinations, I would opt for lilac with siver tips

  48. nay blue with dark silver nail glitter

  49. Id go with gold glitter on red polish for xmas

  50. i would go for blue with silver tips – go great with my xmas party outfit

  51. Lovin’ these – I think a mermaid style would be fab, sea green and blue tips :)

  52. I’m a nail polish addict so I’ve just had a browse through my big box of polishes and I think I’d go for my favourite grey glossy polish and sprinkle it with silver for a bit of a subtle but funky look.

  53. They look fab!!! I would choose a very girly pink with silver tips!!! Thanks xoxoxo

  54. ooh aqua and rose sounds lucious!

  55. Silver & gold

  56. Oh! I like these…..I’d go for deep chocolate with bronze glitter tips 😀

  57. Pink and Rose

  58. I think the rose with dark silver glitter, pretty but not fluffy – that’s a look for this winter with my wooly jumper on!

  59. ooo..
    rose with gold glitter tips :)

  60. Pink and silver tips love it!!

  61. I would go for blue base with purple tips! Looks absolutely amazing! <3

  62. Red with silver tips/over (undecided!)… perfect for devil Halloween costume and Christmas!

  63. Pink and Rose

  64. Red with gold glitter to get me in the mood for christmas.

  65. Black polish with dark silver glitter tips – still funky but elegant aswell x

  66. I’d go for purple with gold tips, regal chic

  67. Light blue and purple would be really nice

  68. My 3 yr old is loving having her nails done at the moment so we have girlie days on my day off when me boys are at school. Would have to be something quite sublte so pink and definately pink glitter! Love them x

    • She’d love these glitters then (and I was thinking you could use them for craft too – sprinkle onto glue on homemade Christmas cards – though I probably shouldn’t say that!) Good luck in the draw x

  69. Autumn season, so i’d go for red with gold glitter.

  70. I think i’d get my wife to try out white with blue glitter – same colours as my favourite football club 😉

    • Cheeky 😉 (Good luck in the giveaway all the same!)

  71. I would try gold :)

  72. Blue with dark silver tips – nice and christmassy

  73. It’d be all about dark silver with purple!

  74. I think Pink glitter with a green base would look amazing, in a sickly sort of way 😀

  75. I really like pink with silver tips

  76. I love the idea of a silver base with gold on top. I’m loving the metallic look!

  77. i think i would like to try rose and gold :)

  78. I’d go with black with purple glitter

  79. Ohh i love glitter x

  80. It would have to be pink nail varnish and purple glitter x

  81. I would like to try pale pink with silver glitter.

  82. I would like to try a matt black polish with Dark Silver glitter on the tips.This would look great with my halloween outfit.

  83. I would like lilac nails :)

  84. Would love the aqua and blue. I love blue nail varnish.

  85. Wish I could post a pic of what I’ve done to mine! These glitters are so easy to use and look fabulous for the holiday season.

    • I’d love to see a pic of your nails!

  86. I love the idea of gla itter on nails I am a nail addict and whenever I see a nice coulor I cant help myself!!!.I would go for a nice light pink base and a little sprinkle of gold all over. thanks for the giveaway!!!!XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

    • Thanks for the comment Grace, I like you’re choice, but I’m afraid this is a very old giveaway *NOW CLOSED* Sorry! x

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