Show Me Your Stationery: National Stationery Day 2012

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Happy National Stationery Day 2012 – a great day for stationery lovers like myself! If you have a blog post that’s in any way stationery-related, and would like to link it up with mine, please do so at the end of this post.


National Stationery Day I'm a stationery addict badge


I was thinking long and hard about what stationery to feature in today’s post – not because I’ve not been buying any new since my last Show Me Your Stationery post – far from it – but because there is just so much lovely stationery I could not choose what to show. Then, onto the doormat dropped my latest order from Bureau Direct, and I thought I would write a post about that, as Bureau Direct is a company that I consistently return to for stationery and pen supplies.




Bureau Direct now stock Monteverde Inks for Lamy pens in a whole range of colours and so I have been experimenting! I love my Lamy Safari fountain pens and am currently lusting after the new Limited Edition for 2012 Safari in Apple Green, but my latest purchase is this pen:



This is the J Herbin rollerball, which amazingly uses ink cartridges! And so I have now got a pen that can take the lovely J Herbin ink cartridges that I showed in a previous post, which have been languishing unloved in Stationery Village for a while.



You cannot believe how happy this makes me! Now who would like a colourful letter from me?

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post, but I have had such good service from Bureau Direct that I am happy to give them a shout out on National Stationery Day. They are also offering a FREE GIFTwith all puchases made today!

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  1. Thank you for including my blog Post about 1920s style wedding stationery.
    Loving the cartridge tins above!

    I am a stationery geek!

    Love your blog Rachel X

    • My pleasure, you know I am a fan of yours!

  2. Happy National Stationery Day!

    Being stationery addicts we thought we would celebrate the day by doing a couple of stationery related posts on our blog. We got our new line of cards in *yay* and we thought we would also share a diy post all about our favorite things: Pencils and Erasers! Phew!

    Be sure to come check out our repurposed stationery tutorial and turn your favorite pencil into a pin badge and your eraser into a rubber stamp!

    Thanks for including us in your stationery post Miss Molly 😀
    And happy national stationery day to you!


    • Always nice to welcome another stationery addict! Thanks for linking up – love your post :)

  3. I would LOVE a perfumed letter from you!!

    I have recently discovered that Monte Verde refills last much longer and are considerably cheaper for the old man’s Mont Blanc pen ;0)

    Happy National Stationery Day!


    • And your wish will be granted! (but give it a few days, as I’m going off on a little jolly this week)

  4. I really want a Lamy pen, with those beautiful coloured inks. Im going to put in a request with Al for my next birthday. I also want your handwriting too 😉

    • My handwriting has gone to pot lately (not enough practice I guess) – you can have it! Hope you get your Lamy pen. My friend has one of the more expensive ones, in stainless steel – it’s very lovely, ask Al for one of those!

  5. Hey, link up! I’ve also added my blog post to your widget up there already.

    Loving the Monteverde Burgundy and Herbin Opera Parfumée. Totally loving them. 😀

    Happy National Stationery Day! ~ Cheers from Maybelline

  6. Happy National Stationery Day

  7. I am a bit new to the whole bloggy thing so thanks for letting me link up with you. I am glad there is still a love of stationery in this technological age!


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