Racy Tights Please

Posted by on Nov 4, 2012 in Fashion & Beauty | 6 comments

It’s been a while since you’ve seen my pins, and but luckily the nice people at tightsplease have come to the rescue and asked if I would like to sample some of their lovely wares. I know I should really be thinking leggings at this time of year, with a nip in the air, and tightsplease have such a great range to choose from, but I opted for something a little more … racy.


I chose: Jonathan Aston Racy Tights – semi opaque on the top half, and sheer on the bottom, with a seamed detail on the back. Worn with a knee length shirt, these look like normal tights from the front:

and from the back, seamed-effect stockings topped with a fleur-de-lys motif:

There is plenty of fabulous hosiery at great prices on the tightsplease website, so do pop over and have a look. In the meantime, hope you like my new Strumpfhose (yes, you Liz B!)

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  1. Ohh, the blog looks all different. I’d had a few broken links, from you, I wonder if it because of the change around.
    Great pins M, really unusual tights, love them!

    • Thanks A! sorry about the broken links – having a lot of problems with the blog atm, and trying to sort them out (the new look is a temporary measure while doing so) – hopefully won’t be too long before back in action. xx

      • No problem M it looking different again now. This looks very you. Love the photographs of you on the header and the about me, you look gorgeous!!
        Great pins M!!

        • Thanks A! I might need a different photo of about me though – have had a change of hairstyle, gone back to a bob! x

  2. Very firm approval from this household. OH sends you a wolf whistle x

    • thanks you two lovelies! xx

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