It’s schorchio here in sunny Devon! Here are some great ideas for refreshing summer drinks by guest blogger Simon Clark:




Summer is the best time of year. The grass is bright green, flowers are blooming on the trees, songbirds flit from branch to branch, and the days are long and endless as dusk lingers into the night. Even without a spacious garden to call your own, there’s no reason not to fully enjoy some delicious and refreshing summertime beverages.

With its jaunty name and signature ginger ale fizz, a June Bug will brighten up your day. A combination of ginger ale, grenadine, orange juice and the real kicker, scoops of orange sherbet, this drink screams summertime. This citrus delight can be shared over a brunch with friends or with a picnic at the park.

No mention of summer drinks could be complete without that old favourite: lemonade. A giant pitcher with some lemon slices layered on top will be a pretty sight on a warm day. The perfect combination of sweet and tart, use fresh lemons and roll them across a table or surface to loosen up the pulp inside to create the tastiest concoction. If you want to make it a lemonade with a kick, add a splash of vodka. You can also make fruit-infused lemonade by combining unexpected flavours like rosemary, mint and watermelon.

Summer is also the best time for berry picking. A wonderful way to feel like you’re spending quality time in your very own garden, head to a fruit farm and spend the morning loading up your basket with an array of juicy strawberries and raspberries. When you get home, combine them in a blender with some ice cream and a dash of honey and enjoy the fruits of your labour with a delicious smoothie.

For the wine lovers, stir up a blackberry sangria to quench your thirst. Using a rosé wine as a base, mix in blackberry syrup for sweetness, chop up and stir in a few plums, and present to your picnic guests in mason jars for a cute vintage feel that will make for a sweet summer memory.

Whether you have an outdoor garden or not, you can still grow some small veggies and fruits, like tomatoes, in your flat. Nothing feels better than using a tomato that you grew in a Bloody Mary for a leisurely breakfast in bed.

Elderflower is a flower of the summertime and makes the best Elderflower Fizz. Combine cranberry juice, ice, vodka, and elderflower liquer to create a unique concoction that will leave your friends wanting more.

Utilise public green spaces and locally grown produce where you can. No matter what beverage you whip up, you’ll be enjoying everything this celebratory season has to offer.


A guest post by Simon Clark. Simon is freelance writer who enjoys traveling and good things in life, like sipping cocktails by a sandy beach or simply enjoying a glass of Pimm’s in a sunny day. Lucky you Simon! can we swap lives please? (ed.) 😉

Image by Daniel Go used under creative commons licence

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