I work with students, so am happy to bring you this guest post, on the Top 5 back-to-university essentials. Having what you need to hand from day one means you can get straight into your studies – and who doesn’t love a bit of stationery shopping anyway? 

Back to University Top 5 Must-Have Study Essentials


As the summer draws to a close, it is time to start thinking about heading back to your books. Here are the top five university study essentials you will need this semester…

[Edit, April 2016: please note this post is from 2013, and some of the exact items featured may no longer be available]


1. Memory sticks

The most essential piece of equipment for every student is the memory stick. We’ve all heard the disaster stories about the people who have been slaving away in the library ‘til the early morning, only for a glitch in Microsoft Word to occur resulting in their assignment being lost. Prevent this soul-destroying event from happening to you by frequently backing-up your work on a USB memory stick. Viking stock a great range of memory sticks in a variety of sizes and to suit all budgets.




2. Ring binders

At university, it can seem like you’re being constantly bombarded with a mountain of loose paper. Get organised and keep all of your documents neat and tidy in a ring binder. Go for one with a bright and funky design, as these will brighten up even the dullest lecture. If you’re really organised, you could even buy separate binders for each module. Sorting your work out really is worth it and can save you mountains of time that you once spent desperately searching under your bed for that vital scrap of paper.


3. Backpack

From books to notepads, you can often have a lot of stuff to carry around campus. Instead of using tatty old carrier bags, or trying to stuff everything in a clearly too small bag, invest in a spacious backpack. Go for a large backpack with enough room to house all your essential university items. For a classic look that will go with everything, men should opt for a dark colour bag, like this Adidas backpack from JD Sports. For ladies, a vibrant patterned bag is on-trend yet still remains practical.


Adidas Backpack


4. Highlighters

With a reading list longer than your arm, you can be forgiven for glazing over when reading a particularly dry book. Keep engaged with a pack of highlighters. Use them to highlight the key points of a passage as this will be incredibly useful when it comes to revising later on. (Molly edit: highlighting is great, but please only do it on books that you own, not on library books!)


5. Wall calendars

From the moment you step foot onto campus, you will transform into a social butterfly. With society meetings, nights out and assignment deadlines consuming your diary, it can be difficult to keep on track with your daily schedule. Buying a wall calendar will help you track everything you have planned. Buy a personalised calendar and combine your favourite photos in a practical way.


These items are key to any student’s success next semester.

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