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31 July 2016

In posts that feature my bedroom, there is one area I never show, which is the window. This is because I hate the blind with a passion. It’s been on my to-do list for a while to replace, and I’ve finally gotten round to it …

The existing blind was a nicely made, good quality roman blind, and as I am renting, you might wonder why I would go to the bother and expense of replacing? Well the reason was the pattern and colour: stripes – brown and beige stripes – I really had to avert my eyes every morning. And it turns out replacing the blind did not cost and arm and a leg either, using the company Order Blinds.

Here is the offending blind, in all its glory:


The before …


As the only thing I didn’t like was the pattern, I decided to keep the same kind of blind, but made in a different fabric. From Order Blinds you can choose up to five free samples of fabric, which I did, and they arrived in the very next day’s post.

From the samples I chose a simple linen-coloured fabric in a lightly-textured weave.


It was easy to measure up using the guidelines on the Order Blinds site, and I also chose to have the blind lined with black out material. The blind was custom made to my specifications, and arrived by courier under two and a half weeks after ordering.

I was not sad to see the back of the existing blind, as it was quickly replaced with my new blind. It’s such a relief to not be greeted by brown stripes when I open my eyes in the morning.


The blind is very well made, and I’ve no complaints about it at all. One thing to note, which is different to the previous blind, is that the rod casings show on the reverse of the fabric (photo below). As my flat is the first/top floor of a house, and my bedroom faces the back, this makes no difference to me at all, but if I was on the ground floor, facing the street, I would prefer the rod casings to be enclosed within the blind (I’m sure there is a better technical description for this, but I think you’ll get what I mean).


Overall I’m really pleased with my new blind as an affordable window dressing, with blackout lining to make my lie-ins that little bit sweeter. It cost just over £150, for a window recess measuring 122 x 188 cm. Having spent a LOT more on custom-made window treatments in the past, albeit with more expensive fabric, I can appreciate how much lower the cost here is.

And so I continue to slowly make this rented flat more of my own. Now what’s next on the list? …


… the after

To find out more about Order Blinds, and see their full range of blinds, visit them at


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