Challenge Three from the World Foods Fusion Taste Team was to make Tom Yum, using World Foods Thai Tom Yum Paste. Tom Yum is a soup traditionally made with prawns, or Tom Yum flavours can be used to flavour fried rice, so this is what I opted for, and made a vegetarian version.

I used wholemeal brown rice, which I had cooked a few hours in advance, and ginger (chopped), red and yellow peppers (chopped), frozen peas, a selection of mixed mushrooms – shiitake, chestnut and button (sliced), fresh basil and coriander, and the Tom Yum Paste.



I first fried the chopped ginger in a mix of olive and groundnut oil, then added the peppers and mushrooms and cooked for a few minutes. I then added one and a half tablespoons of World Foods Tom Yum Paste, followed a minute or so later by the frozen peas. I cooked this mixture for a couple of minutes before mixing in the rice and heating through, then served with plenty of chopped coriander and basil.


Tom Yum Rice


This dish was Mr G’s and son’s favourite of the challenge dishes so far – I loved it too, but can’t quite decide on a favourite. What was really great about this was the speed of preparation – it really is ‘fast food’ but without the fast food taste. It’s been fab to knock out such a simple but flavoursome meal in a few minutes and for it to get such a great response. I will be following my son’s advice: ‘You should definitely make this again mum.’


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