With Tracy from White Lily Green about to give birth at any moment now (well, 5 days to due date at any rate – exciting!), I am hosting Handmade Thursday on her behalf. The only trouble is I haven’t exactly been making anything, apart from a mess, so this week all I can show is a work in progress!

I picked up a scrap of fabric in Force charity shop‘s 50p basket a few weeks ago. It’s roughly 1 meter squared, and was thinking it might make a nice lightweight summer scarf. First of all, I thought I’d just fringe the edges, by pulling out the cross threads. I started, but this took ages, and I only got this far before giving up.



The trouble is, it still looked like I’d just thrown a piece of fabric from the charity shop basket around my neck, so I decided that I would just have to try and make a proper job of it. After searching three haberdasheries, I found the trimming I was after. I started sewing it on last night, but got sidetracked by The Apprentice (Tom for the win!). Doesn’t it look like I’ve got the pins stuck in my thigh rather than the pincushion in this photo? (I didn’t, btw).



And so to bed with only one side completed, but I’ll show you the finished product next week. In the meantime, do link up your crafty delights below. And fingers crossed for a smooth and safe delivery of Tracy’s baby into our wonderful world.

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