I’ve just been too busy of late to make anything (other than a mess and a big pile of ironing to be tackled) so apologies that I have not been participating in Handmade Thursday. But to keep in the loop, today I am revisiting one of my favourite topics – gift wrapping.

My stationery fetish is already well-known, and I do buy LOTS of lovely gift wrap, but I also like to wrap gifts with other materials that may have had a different original purpose, so I thought I would show you some of those.

Vintage scarves can be picked up very cheaply in charity and second-hand shops, jumble or car boot sales, and make great wrapping – the ends can either be tied together around the gift, or secured with ribbon as I have done here (I think the ribbon originally came from a bouquet of flowers). Perfect for someone who likes vintage clothing: wearable gift wrap!

I am always picking up (and hoarding) things that I think might come in useful for gift wrapping. These free exhibition posters had been languishing in my box of wrapping materials for a while, but came in handy as wrap when I was giving a sewing-related present to a crafty friend – tied with one of the many short measuring tapes that have been gleaned over the years from Christmas crackers, and with one of my button gift-tags attached.

I bought this cut-out frieze in a Paperchase sale, knowing that I would never use it for its intended purpose (which was? I’m not really sure). It looks great wrapped around a gift that has been covered in white hand-made paper.

Finally, I keep the smallest scraps of gift-wrap, even though they might not be enough to cover a whole present, because they can be used, like the frieze above, to wrap around gifts covered in plain paper, like this scrap of Liberty-design paper around a gift covered in a sheet of white A4 printer paper!

Please pop over White Lily Green to check out the other Handmade Thursday posts. In the spirit of ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’ I will be hosting my own link-up on Saturday, called ‘Show Me Your Stationery‘, for fellow stationery fiends to show their favourite bits – from paperclips to patterned notebooks, all are welcome. See you Saturday!

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