A few weeks ago I wrote about how I had joined my local Freecycle group, and promptly found takers for a computer tower, turntable, dvd player, and stack of used jiffy bags! Since then I have been avidly following Freecycle listings, and responding to wants – this week I answered a want for a duvet to be used for a new litter of puppies, I have plenty to spare so was happy to part with one. My son said ‘Mum, you’re becoming obsessed with Freecycle – we’ll have nothing left’ to which the minimalist Mr G retorted ‘that would be nice’.

Just in case Mr G was getting too comfortable with all the giving away, and thinking his dream of living like a monk in a cell would soon be realised, I thought I’d given away enough to start responding to some Freecycle ‘Offers’. I couldn’t believe my luck when something I have been wanting for a long time was listed – a sewing box.



I was so excited when I got an email saying I could come and collect it. Ok, so I’d really been lusting after a Liberty sewing box like Missie Lizzies’s , but now I love this ‘Made in Taiwan’ one even more. I love the blue, and that it was freecycled by a lovely young man, and I only had to cycle up the road to pick it up. My sewing box has been a shoe box for at least fifteen years (I know because it is a decorated shoe box that my daughter received some birthday presents in for one of her early birthdays) and I am very happy to have some where more ‘purpose-built’ to transfer its contents to.



I’m now on the lookout for some lovely vintage cotton reels to go in it, so more Magpie Monday hunting must be done, but not too much if I am to keep the clutter under control, and Mr G happy 😉

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