I studied ceramics at college, and worked as a pottery technician at one point in my life, and yet I do not own a single piece of craft pottery. I dispersed all the pieces I’d made amongst friends when I moved from Ireland to England, and I’ve never bought any made by others, despite now living in Devon, a county with a rich tradition of studio pottery.



All that’s been put to right today, when my eyes alighted on these two pieces today in my local charity shop. Making and experimenting with glazes was always my favourite part of ceramics, so I was immediately drawn to the lustrous blue-purple glaze of the vase.



The base of the jug is stamped with the mark of Hartland Pottery, Clive C. Pearson, which I have found out (from a quick google search) is a pottery in North Devon, founded by Clive Pearson in 1972. I then spotted this bowl, further along the same shelf in the charity shop.



There is no maker’s mark on the bowl, but the glaze is equally as stunning, on both its surfaces.



I snapped up the bowl and vase, and am pretty pleased with my purchase…



And the price? £2 each piece – bargain! I think I am slowly getting the hang of this charity shopping!


Me and My Shadow

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