Magpie Monday isn’t all about finding treasure that will bag you a fortune when you roll up with it at an Antiques Roadshow. That would be nice of course, but mostly I have found that since I’ve been taking part in Missie Lizzie’s Magpie Monday, I have been saving money, by buying everyday items – mostly new and unused – that can be found in charity shops for a fraction of their normal retail price.

Take shoelaces for example. I have lost track of how many pairs my son goes through in a school term, but I’ve noticed there are always some to be had in the charity shop 10p box. And you might be lucky and get some with a nice picture of a robin chirpily kicking a football on the label.

Unworn pairs of tights seem to be another staple of charity shops, and at £4 a pair in M&S, I’m much happier to buy the same pair for 50p second-hand (as long as fully sealed and celophane wrapper intact of course!)

Greetings cards and postcards are also easy to pick up for pennies, and a rummage in the card box will usually yield some perfectly good ones (maybe not ‘best-friend’s-birthday’ good, but ‘birthday-of-ageing-‘aunty’-whose-not-really-your-aunty-and-you-haven’t-seen-since-you-were-seven-but-still-send-a-birthday-card-to’ good).

My favourite buy of last week was something I’ve been meaning to buy for ages – a new German dictionary – as my paperback one is falling apart. I picked up this brick of a dictionary for £1. Ok, so it’s not the latest edition, which would cost me at least £20 new, but it is perfectly adequate for my needs.

Now if I ever meet a German Zahnarzt (dentist) I will be able to have a conversation with them about the Wurzelbehandlung (root treatment) I have been having for my Wurzelhautentzündung (periodontitis) zzzzzz. (Can you tell that section W-Z was last night’s bedtime reading? 😉 )

Maybe not the most exciting of Magpie Monday posts, but I wanted to show how my shopping habits have changed since joining in with Missie Lizzie’s initiative to get us all supporting our local charity shops. I now pop in as a regular part of my shopping trips. Maybe one day I’ll find that Antiques Roadshow goldmine item, but for now, I’m saving … well, pennies at least … and the money spent goes to good causes, so do give it a go!

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