A New Rug for my Front Room

A couple of weeks back I wrote a post about choosing the perfect rug, and armed with the advice given in it and by my fellow bloggers, I went on a rug hunt. The mission, to replace this sad and sorry looking number:



(This was left by my landlady, it’s 100% wool and I’m sure it was very nice when new, but not now, and too small for the room)


It turned out that I did not have to search for very long on my rug hunt, or even leave my armchair in fact, as inspiration came from reading Kate Watson-Smyth’s Mad About The House blog, where she showed this Berber-style rug from La Redoute:




Kate noted that Erica Davies from The Edited had bought this rug, so I contacted Erica to ask if it was as nice as it looked – and she said yes. And then La Redoute decided to offer a 40% discount over Easter, so it seemed like all the stars were aligning to get me to buy this rug. So I did.

And so for a bargain price of just over £120 including delivery, I bagged a 200 x 290cm rug (oh and take £11.20 off that as I bought it through Top Cashback – that was a tip from Karen Knox from Making Spaces). Two burly (and very friendly) delivery men brought it straight up to my front room, saying ‘that will go very nicely with your chairs, my lovely’. That was a good sign I thought, getting interior design approval from the delivery men.

This is what it looked like after I unrolled it:




It’s not wool, which might put some people off, but you’d never know from the look or feel, it’s very soft underfoot and looks much more expensive than what I paid (or even what it would have cost without the discount). In fact it is made from recycled materials, which I think is a bonus. I wonder what it was in a previous life?

Here it is in situ in my front room:




What do you think – have I made the right choice?

I think so, and the fact that another interiors blogger I know is also buying this rug (I shall name no names this time, in case she wants to do her own rug reveal) gives it an added seal of approval. I think I would have been searching for a rug for a lot longer if it wasn’t for reading blogs – so a big thanks to all the bloggers I’ve mentioned above for such great inspiration, and behind-the-scenes support and advice too.

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