New Scents for my New Home: Bahoma review

May 31, 2013

One of the most important things to me in when it comes to making a place feel like home is making sure it smells nice, and has its own scent signature. This is not something you can really achieve with commercial products, where one spray does little more than mask any existing smells with an overpowering chemical aroma, that settles to leave your home smelling little better than a public toilet after the cleaners have been in.


Bahoma Scented Candle and Fragrance Diffuser


My favourite way to scent my home is with Bahoma home fragrance products. They produce a range of lovely candles, reed diffusers and room sprays, with scents that have been developed with a careful balance of top, heart and bottom notes. The complexity of the scents mean they don’t just give a quick blast and disappear, but instead offer a true scent sensation. Lovingly created by Bahoma founder and internationally-renowned fragrance expert Malgorzata Strug-Guzowska, these home fragrances are developed with the same attention that goes into creating some of the finest perfumes.

What’s more, Bahoma products are prepared in London, and made up according to when you place your order, so you can be sure the scents are fresh and haven’t been sitting around in a dusty warehouse for months. You can really experience this freshness on your first spray of room scent, or lighting a Bahoma candle.


Bahoma Fragrance Diffuser Scented Candle Fragrance Library


I like to have a reed diffuser (above, left) in my hallway, which provides a long-lasting scent – immediately welcoming on returning home, or to visitors to my apartment. For this I have chosen Bahoma’s Imperial, a scent with citrus and green top notes, fruity and floral heart notes, with woody base notes of musk and cedar.

A scented candle (above, top right) is a must in the bathroom, and here I have chosen Bahoma’s utterly luxuriousĀ Cristal:

At the ends of the Earth, great towers of ice and brutal winds create innocent purity and breathtaking beauty. From this inspiration we bring you Cristal. The essence of luxury and sophistication, Cristal is a classical mixture musky and floral notes dancing on a bed of chypre. This is a retro homage to all things hedonistic.

Room sprays are also available in all of Bahoma’s signature scents, and to help you chose which fragrance is exactly right for you or your room, Bahoma have helpfully produced sample collections, or rather wonderfully-named ‘fragrance bibliotheques’ (above, bottom right). I have been like a kid in a sweetshop trying these out, but my current favourite is Vineyard:

A delectable evening spent with beautiful friends, a room filled with joyful laughter and delicate clinks from wine glasses. Vineyard celebrates our love of companionship and the fruit of the grapevine.

This is a very happy smell, and seems to fit my new home wonderfully, with the sun and sea air streaming through the windows. I just need to invite some friends round for dinner, and all will be complete!

Thank you Bahoma for sending me such wonderful products to review. I have been a fan of your scented candles for many years, but it has been a real pleasure exploring the range of products and fragrances you offer.


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