This was my view at 7am this morning, just before the removals men knocked on the door.




It’s all gone now, on the way to my new home. I am moving from a three-bedroomed house to a studio apartment, so downsizing has been quite a challenge, especially to someone with hoarding tendencies such as mine.

This challenge is not yet complete, as I’m sure when I start unpacking in the smaller space, I’ll find much more rigorous pruning of possessions is required. I’ve done well with parting with big things, but it’s the little things that are the hardest. Yes, I do really need two boxes of decorative sticky tapes 🙂

However, I am really looking forward to the challenge of small space living, and to the freedom of owning less stuff. Plus only one toilet to clean instead of three, that’s a bonus!

Have left the lads to get on with the job the other end, while I clean up what’s left behind. Then it’s bye bye Exeter, hello Topsham, and the next phase in the adventures of Molly and the Princess. Wish me luck!

If you are moving house in Devon I cannot recommend VVM Removals highly enough – very professional and friendly service, fab!

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