The Perfect
Autumn Side Table


23 October 2016

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty much set for autumn hibernation. The fire is on, candles are lit, and there is a wooly throw to cocoon myself while watching Poldark. Basically, once I sit down of an evening, I’m not moving! And to complete my comfy immobility, I found the perfect side-table.

A side table is pretty much essential for keeping everything to hand so you don’t have to move from the sofa! A place to put your mug of hot chocolate, the remote control, books and magazines and candles, and with some styling, can make your room a whole lot prettier too.

My perfect side table is from Cox & Cox, it’s round, wooden, with metal legs, and what makes it the special to me is its carved top. There is something satisfyingly reassuring about a table with a lip so you can reach out for that cuppa or glass of wine without sending anything else sliding over the edge. Let the hibernation commence.


“Beautifully carved from firwood with a natural finish that boasts exposed wood grain details, our simple round table has three hairpin black iron legs. This simple, rustic table is perfect for beside your favourite arm chair.”



The metal candle holder is from Cox & Cox also, and throws off intricate shadows in the darker evenings.


“With a soft gold inner and forest green exterior, each lantern has a sketchy cut out design to let the glow of your candle shine through.”



A round side table lends itself to many different ways of styling. I’ve kept it quite informal, concentrating on practicalities (a coaster for my drink, and the books I am reading) over prettiness. But I did include decorative items, such as the laser-cut cupid automaton my boyfriend made me for Valentine’s day, and stuck to the ‘rule of threes’ in the arrangement of candles and dried flower head. I also mixed man-made materials (the metal candle lantern) with natural (my carved squash lantern) to add texture and warmth.
This table gives my front room the finishing touches it needed as autumn sets in, and makes for cosy times ahead. (I’m trying not to mention the h-word,* but it’s hard …)

*hygge, there, I’ve said it.

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