This week I traipsed around the greetings card shops in no less than three towns, before finding one that suited the particular person/occasion I was looking for. Since then, I’ve discovered the most amazing online card shop, so can definitely save some shoe leather on future card hunts. The shop is called Postmark Online, and they have such a vast range of design-led cards that there really is no need to look elsewhere.

My list of favourite cards from Postmark is huge, so I will just share one section of the shop with you – the humour section. Perusing this had me guffawing out loud, not something I usually do when looking at cards, but they have such funny cards I couldn’t help it.

First up, the ‘Toy Stories‘ range by Noi Publishing featuring miniature toys with hilarious captions. I’m not going to show you the ones I’ve got, as if you are a friend or family member reading this, you might be getting one from me, but here’s another that tickled me:




Being an art historian, I couldn’t help but like the series of cards called ‘Great Housewives of Art‘. There’s Mrs Rothko cleaning a rug, Mrs Pollock who can’t seem to find anything anymore, and, one of my favourites, Mrs Klimt sewing a patchwork quilt:




My final selection to show you is from a range of cards featuring Ladybird classics. These are definitely my era, before Ladybird started going for more cartoon-like illustrations, which I remember feeling so disappointed by when they were introduced. Here is the original Rapunzel, having a hair cut:




This is just a small selection, but do check out the rest if you want a good laugh! But also, the cards are very reasonably priced, and there is free postage if you spend over £10 (which you won’t find difficult as they have so many cards to choose from). On top of this, friendly service from a family-run business, and they have lovely stickers to seal their tissue wrapping (it’s the little things!).

N.B. This is not a sponsored post, I just like to share a small business if I think it is worth sharing, and this one is (IMO of course)!

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