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Brabantia Ironing Table


5 October 2016

This is the second post in my series about the practical items that make life just that little bit easier and more beautiful, when they are well designed, like the JosephJoseph Totem Bin I featured in my first ‘Practically Perfect’ post. This week it is the turn of the Brabantia Ironing Board.

I’ve written about my penchant for ironing pretty much everything in a previous post, way back when I was a newbie blogger. Nothing much has changed, except with my new board from Brabantia I’m happily getting through my piles of ironing even quicker – this is due to its unique features which I will share with you.

brabantia ironing table

The Brabantia Ironing Board (Size D) is more of atablethan a board, and this larger surface area means you can get more of an item on the board at any one time. Not having to move a garment so often makes ironing quicker (and less tiring), especially for the larger items like sheets and duvet covers.

My favourite unique feature of this board is that you can use both ends of the board, which are specially shaped – one pointed end, ideal for trousers and jeans etc, and a shoulder-shaped end for shirts and blouses. Using both ends is made possible by Brabantia doing away with a fixed iron stand on the board and instead supplying a moveable silicone pad that can be placed wherever most convenient – genius idea!


It also is fully adjustable to your ideal working height from 61 – 102 cm, and its asymmetrical curved legs means it can be used to iron sitting down – though I’ve not tries this, as I’m an upright ironer 🙂 but can see how useful this would be for people who cannot stand for long periods, or want to iron at a leisurely pace while watching TV.

Loads more features demonstrate just how Brabantia have considered the design of their board, such as the ‘Child Safety Lock’ which does not allow the board to close accidentally, and a transport lock to keep the ironing table folded during transport and storage. I know I’ve had boards that went from up to closed in 0000.1 seconds flat, trapping my fingers in the process, so I totally appreciate these features.

It also comes with really pretty covers, like my botanical one with butterflies and dragonflies.


You can find out all the features of this special board by watching the video below.

It looks like my ironing habits are only going to get more entrenched now with this lovely ironing board, but that is the whole point of these posts really, to show how good design can enhance all areas of life, even chores and boring tasks. Thanks Brabantia!

Thank you to Brabantia who sent me an Ironing Board, Size D, to review.
All opinions and words are my own and honest.

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