This week it’s all about the tape. Of course good old sellotape does have its own special place in stationery village, but why use plain when you can use patterned?

Here is my selection of decorative sticky tape currently in use.

First up, my very favourite ‘jewel’ tape, which I bought a while back from Nonesuchthings. You can see the tape in use around the edge of its lovely box:



The jewel tape is part of a range produced by MHT – French jewellery designer, Marie Hélène de Taillac. I am enthralled by the design of the MHT website too – do check it out here.

Similarly named, but this time Japanese tape, MT – a range of colourful and patterned masking tapes – are also top of my tape-list. Here is a set I bought from the V&A shop.



As they are masking tapes, they are not as sticky as sellotape, so are repositionable (is that a word?) – I use them for sticking up pictures and notes above my desk, an ever changing ‘mood board’. Some of my friends will also have seen this tape before as decorative borders on packages and writing paper, or used in gift wrapping.

The V&A shop sells lots of other MT tapes as well as the ones featured above, and I am coveting this Wamon Gift Set (below), but at £22, I will covet a bit longer …

Amanda requested a closer look at the tapes from Habitat I showed in a previous post, so here they are A, hope you like! (Now that Habitat has gone into administration, I will be eagerly checking for any clearance sales!)



Finally, my latest purchase, some very pretty floral tape from the online shop of fellow Show Me Your Stationery participant, Temporary Secretary. It arrived exquisitely packed – so much so that I almost didn’t want to open it!



Hope you have liked this selection of sticky tape! If you have any stationery you would like to show, either something you own, or something you have seen on a website or in a shop – please do link up!


Edit: This linky is now closed. Linky tool removed.




This is NOT a sponsored post, all tape was purchased by YT, Sheriff of Stationery Village, with my own hard-earned cash! However, if anybody does want to send me any lovely stationery to review, do get in touch!

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