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Team GB & DFS in Rio


18 August 2016

This is a paid advertorial with DFS

Olympic fever seems to have passed me by this time round, apart from where it links with interiors and design, so of course I know that DFS are the official homeware partner of Team GB and have designed a limited edition collection of sofas and chairs called The Britannia Collection to kit out Team GB headquarters in Rio.

But I didn’t know just how much fun DFS have been having with their Team GB collaboration, so that’s the news I’m sharing with you today.


You might think our athletes are too busy with training and competing to make the most of their sofa-time, but DFS have been working with them in Rio to share some time out with them, celebrate their brilliance, and show their human side. The result is a daily video series called Great Brits: Game On:

Every day, hosts Reggie Yates and Justin Moorhouse set fun challenges for the famous athletes. Sophie Hitchon may be a mean throw with the hammer, but how well will she do at water balloon catch? And who is going to beat Sir Chris Hoy’s coaster-flipping-and-catching record in the Flip It challenge?

Think you can do better? You can join in the fun and play the game yourself, and share your images or videos using the #flipit hashtag.

You might want to practice first, so here’s the drill:

— Get hold of a coaster. Any coaster will do, but probably best that it’s not too thick or too fragile.

— Position your coaster on the edge of a table, with your fingers under the coaster.

— Flick the coaster upwards with one action, allowing (TECHNICAL PART ALERT) at least 180º of turn. Catch it!

— Do it again, and see how many you can successfully flip and catch in 60 seconds.

A competitive sport that can be done while sitting on a comfy sofa – sounds good to me!

You can find out more on DFS Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels, or the DFS website, where you can also buy your very own Britannia sofa – you’ll need something comfortable to sit on while watching Team GB win all those medals on our behalf!

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