New Year Resolutions – More or Less

New Year Resolutions – More or Less

I’m afraid my New Year’s Resolutions are very predictable – more of everything good, less of everything bad. I’ve put together some of my Christmas presents and buys to symbolise what’s coming up for the “New Me” in 2011:

New Year Kit


MORE: Yoga in my new Stella McCartney for Adidas yoga gilet and leggings (thanks sis!)

MORE: Healthy eating, starting with a five day juice fast using this Detox Kit from Nosh Detox (not until after tomorrow night’s Champagne of course)

MORE: Writing, in my new Neisha Crosland notebooks (I love all her pattern designs, and am delighted that they now extend to stationery!).

MORE: Glamour, taking tips from Janie Bryant’s The Fashion File: Advice, Tips and Inspiration from the Costume Designer of ‘Mad Men’ and wearing my new fur-trimmed leather gloves from Reiss. (I’m not sure that I will be swanning around in a Betty Draper-style frothy peignoir, however)


All this MORE must be balanced by LESS, and it’s LESS: wasting Time and Money. Cutting down on internet time will be a priority – that means less daytime tweeting, eek! – and also I plan to buy less from the High Street, and invest instead in more vintage and longer lasting clothing items.


But there will always be time for blogging, so I look forward to MORE posts in 2011 and your comments on them.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year, Molly x

Adi Dasslers

Adi Dasslers

I doubt if I am the only one who makes up silly names for culinary creations. I guess it started when my children were little and would ask ‘what’s that called?’ when presented with an unfamiliar dish, and I would quickly come up with some fancy title (or as Mr G might put it, ‘say the first foolish thing that came into my head’).