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Magpie Monday: cos I am a Material Girl

Posted by on Jul 11, 2011 in Art & Craft, Home & Garden | 12 comments

I loved embroidery in my schooldays, and have been saying I want to re-learn it for a while now – and of course this desire received a further boost when I bought my lovely embroidery panel a few week’s ago. I am getting closer to realising my wish to practise, with this week’s Magpie Monday buys.



First I found two cushion cover-sized linen panels, printed for embroidery, which someone had started to stitch but obviously abandoned. (I wonder will I do the same, and return to the charity shop, then the same thing be repeated until finally completed?)



In the same box of remnants I found another square panel also printed for embroidery but not even started:



I’ve been looking for a piece of material to cover my stack of ‘Very Handy Boxes’ filing system, which although extremely practical, is not very pretty. I tend to throw whatever magazines I am currently reading on top of this, so it functions as kind of a table too, so I wanted a ‘tablecloth’ for the top.











I actually like the cloth as it is – unembroidered – so I’ll leave it like that for a while, I think two cushion cover panels is enough to be getting on with for now!

Of course I also need to actually learn some embroidery stitches, so I was happy to pick up ‘Newnes Complete Needlecraft’ as well – just the ticket.











Finally, I bought a lovely oil cloth panel, and some thread, to make a bike seat cover and – if there is enough – a basket liner, for my non-existent Princess! (Latest update: the driver that knocked me down is being charged at the magistrates court for three offences, so hopefully this will speed up the insurance case).



I am ever hopeful a new Princess will soon be mine, and as soon as I do I want to make her some lovely accessories, inspired by Hasenschneck over on the gorgeous Spring Cottage blog.

Wish me luck with the embroidery, and please pop over to Me and My Shadow for the rest of this week’s Magpie Monday finds – just click on the button below. Oh, and I forgot to say, the whole stash above cost me a total of £4.20 – bargain!

Me and My Shadow

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Still No Princess

Posted by on May 30, 2011 in Travel & Leisure | 7 comments

A quick update on the case of the written-off Princess, but I’m afraid there is not much news. As regular readers of my blog will know, I was knocked off said Princess (my Pashley Princess Sovereign) as I cycled round a roundabout, the Princess was written off, and the driver of the car that did the damage drove off without stopping. This was in November, and I have not heard from the Police since they (eventually) took my statement in March. But last week I received a letter from the solicitors, informing me that they have served a court order on the third-party’s insurers. Hopefully this means the ball is now firmly rolling on my behalf, but I fear it will still be a long time before my claim is resolved, and I can buy another Princess.

In my last post on the subject, I said I feared it would be summer before I had replacement Princess, now I think it is more likely to be winter, or autumn at the earliest. In the meantime, I still cycle, and fondly remember my lovely Princess in her prime! Awh :(

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Introducing the Princess

Posted by on Sep 29, 2010 in Travel & Leisure | 0 comments

I want a nice photo of Molly and the Princess as the banner picture for this blog – but the weather has been so dreadful that any photo taken would not do justice to the Princess’s beauty. So in the meantime here is a photo from the Pashley website – and the real Princess will put in an appearance any day soon. Watch this space.

Pashley Princess Sovereign

Check her out on the Pashley website:

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