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Magpie Monday: Success at last!

Posted by on Apr 11, 2011 in Art & Craft, Fashion & Beauty | 10 comments

You’ll have heard me bemoaning my luck (or lack of it) at charity shopping, but this week I actually managed to fill a basket, and all for the princely sum of £15. I bought:

These glass kingfisher earrings (at least I assume they are kingfishers but my limited bird-watching knowledge might mean they are a different species. Hummingbird?). My mum used to collect blown glass animal ornaments when I was young, so I was drawn to these, and I will think of her when I wear them. Perfect for this summer weather, don’t you think?

A pair of TopShop linen trousers, in perfect condition. I don’t usually wear linen as I can’t really rock the crumpled but cool look – I just look crumpled – but these are so comfortable and I like the length (slightly cropped just above the ankle) so perfect with Birkenstocks for slummy mummy times (ahem).

A sunhat for when I am working on my allotment or reading in the garden. The previous owner had tied a spotty brown ribbon around it, which reminded me of my Fever Dotty Shift Dress, but I’m not sure the hat is quite stylish enough to wear with that – we’ll see.

A dress (12m) from La Compagnie des Petits for my niece Anna, which I thought would be lovely with a long sleeve teeshirt and leggings/tights underneath for autumn/winter (but if you don’t like sis, just say – it is in perfect condition, looks hardly worn).

A few bits of crafting materials, which I bought just because I wanted the double-sided sticky pads, but no doubt will use the papers, flowers and sequins on either gift cards or wrapping.

Finally, a huge panel of material from the ‘remnants box’ which, if the sewing machine that I’ve ordered arrives in a few days, will hopefully be transformed into a curtain for (Handmade) Thursday. (I’m thinking of starting simply, with a project that will just involve machine stitching two straight lines!). I love the pattern – fritillaries and alliums – it will be just right for the glazed door that leads to the garden from Mr G’s study. Apart from the earrings, this was my favourite buy of the day, and the best bargain, as it was only £1.

As I said, my whole haul cost £15, and so my faith in charity shopping has been restored. Like the comment on a previous post said, the trick is just to keep visiting.

Over to Missielizzie’s Me and My Shadow now to see what other second-hand treasure has been gathered by this week’s magpies …

Me and My Shadow


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