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Modern Looks From Vintage Finds

Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Fashion & Beauty | 0 comments

A guest post by Laura Clarke

We all know that fashion is a fickle beast, one minute something is fashionable and the next minute it is not. With trends from bygone eras returning all the time why not instead try out some vintage fashion from ASOS Marketplace.

Summer is very nearly here and the sun has finally come out so we are now getting round to thinking about our summer wardrobe. First thing on all our summer wish lists is always a great summer dress that will take us from day to night in an instant. This perfect aubergine pleated midi dress will do exactly that as it can be dressed down with a floppy hat, sandals and tote bag but with the switch of accessories to platform heels, clutch and copious amounts of jewellery this will be a great party outfit.

For a gorgeous cover up choose a sheer lace blouse, these are great if you are not a fan of showing off your arms as they are cool, summery and light but will also look chic. Good vintage boutiques will have plenty of vintage lace as it is a look that comes back again and again, so there will be so many styles to choose from.

Pattern is everywhere right now and trousers are no exception. With the typical British weather being more than a little bit changeable it is always best to have a great pair of light trousers in the summer wardrobe for sudden rainy days and cool evenings. These lovelies have a slight harem shape but are tapered in to the ankle giving you shape and comfort; what more could you ask for?

Pastel colours are the shades to be seen in this summer so why not pick out a gorgeous vintage skirt in fabulous pastel colours. This 1980s pleated midi wouldn’t be out of place in a lot of designers’ summer collections and the great news is that buying vintage can be a much cheaper solution.

There may be plenty of “new” trends out there for summer but the truth is if we raid vintage rails we will surely find that these styles are nothing compared to their original inspiration. Happy hunting!

Laura Clarke is a lover of all things fashion, especially vintage treasures, and is currently working on behalf of ASOS Marketplace.

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Summer Handbags

Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Fashion & Beauty | 6 comments

Lovely readers, I need your help. Now that the sun has come out none of my handbags are ‘summery’ enough, and I’d like your advice on choosing one. I usually just use a tote or a canvas bag when it gets to summer, but this year I want a bag that is a little more ‘grown-up’.

I like Radley handbags because their Scottie dog logo makes me think of my lovely sister’s dog, Monty (that’s both my sister and Monty who are lovely). The only problem is that searching their site has put me in a dilemma as there are too many pretty bags to choose from (and I didn’t know they sold shoes as well – my credit card is quaking!). This is my shortlist:

I love the print on this ‘Windsor‘ bag, and that it’s a cotton tote, but the leather handles and lined interior make it into the grown-up handbag that I am looking for. But, it comes in three colourways: mint, brown, and red, and I just can’t choose between them. Then there is a wide range of mustard-colour handbags, which is one of my favorite colours:

The across-body strap on this ‘Compton‘ bag means I would be able to wear it that way when on the Princess (my bike), and the colour would also look good in Autumn. But should I be even more ‘on-trend’ and go for a pastel-coloured bag, like this mint ‘Angelica‘ one:

The interior is split into three compartments, with a lining in the same lovely print as the exterior of the ‘Windsor’ bag, so that would make me happy. However, I do not wear pastel colours, as they wash me out, but would a pastel bag be ok with my usual more autumnal-coloured attire?

See, I really do need your help. Please do have a look and help me choose. Which one of the above is your favourite or are there any others I may have overlooked that you like better? I’d love to know.

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Blogging Away From Home

Posted by on Apr 13, 2012 in Fashion & Beauty, Travel & Leisure | 3 comments

I know I’ve not put in much time here on Molly and the Princess of late, but I have written guest posts for two other – wonderful – blogs this week.

First, the lovely Jade’s Love Lust and Fairy Dust beauty blog. Jade is on holiday in Florida (lucky thing!) and I am very honoured that I am one of her guest bloggers while she is away. I’ve written about my very favourite natural skin care brand’s cleansing and moisturising products: Dr Hauschka Radiant You Regime.



My second guest post is for Ms Wanda’s Wardrobe, a fantastic uberblog featuring news and features on ethical fashion, campaigns to make the High Street more ethical, and a shop. I write about my long-term relationship with secondhand and vintage clothing: Find Your Inner Magpie and Get Thrifting. I have thrown in a picture of my lovely daughter wearing a dress made from an (already second-hand) dress of mine for good measure and you also get to see the Princess in all her glory.


Normal blogging service shall resume shortly. Have a lovely weekend all x

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Magpie Monday: Bring back the sunshine

Posted by on Apr 9, 2012 in Fashion & Beauty | 8 comments

My ‘halterneck radar’ must have been activated by last week’s Magpie Monday post by Missie Lizzie, as the first thing I spotted in the charity shop this week was this top:




Originally it was from Top Shop, and was in brand new condition, with tags, but on the charity shop’s one pound rail, so I snapped it up without a thought of my age and bingo wings, or if I really wanted to be dressed as if in a 1970s pillowcase.




Maybe I’ll get away with wearing it sunbathing in the garden if there is no one else about?

Though I rarely venture into the men’s sections of second-hand shops, this week I did and bought a shirt for Mr G for £3, and some unworn Red Herring canvas lace-ups for my son for £4.



Now all we need is some sunshine – where has it disappeared to this week?

Linking up with Birthday Girl Liz and her Magpie Monday – please click on the magpie badge below to be taken to her post, to see all this week’s treasure, and to wish her many happy returns of course :)

Me and My Shadow

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