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Stunning Stationery: CL.AM Luxury Correspondence

Posted by on Apr 1, 2014 in Home & Garden | 6 comments

It’s National Stationery Week 2014 and I have some wonderful stationery to show you! This week I’m featuring two stationery brands – one using print, and the other letterpress – both different, but both equally beautiful.


CL.AM Stationery Collage


Today I want to introduce you to CL.AM – the makers of luxury printed stationery. It is so beautiful I literally swooned when I first saw a picture, and was even more bowled over when I was able to see and touch the real thing!

CL.AM kindly sent me some of their cards, notelets and gift cards to review. Let me show you in pictures first:


CL.AM Cards collage


The husband and wife team behind CL.AM have backgrounds in graphic and textile design in the fashion industry, and this really shows through in the design. The front of the cards feature sumptuous prints, and they come in envelopes embossed with a golden clam – just gorgeous.


CL.AM gift tags collage


The same prints feature on CL.AM’s range of gift tags, finished with vintage neon ribbons.


CL.AM notelets collage


The notelets, however, are my favourite of all – just look! I’ve shown just one design, so you can appreciate it fully, but do check out the rest of the range. Each design is printed onto the highest quality card, and they come with the most amazing printed envelopes, again embossed with a golden clam.

All CL.AM products are designed and hand-finished in a home studio in South London, and printed using FSC certified stock in the UK. I love this, and most of all the CL.AM ethos:

Our aim is to reimagine the art of correspondence in an ever increasing digitally focused World, and recapture the pleasure of sending and receiving handwritten notes.

There really is nothing nicer than receiving a handwritten note, but just imagine how you would feel if there was one on stationery like this in your postbox? I know I would feel like the sender really cared, and I would really treasure it. So please do get in the spirit of National Stationery Week and get writing on beautiful stationery!

CL.AM are offering 20% off all this National Stationery Week with code NSW – so now is a great time to stock up on this stuning stationery.

You can also catch up with CL.AM at these upcoming markets and fairs:

12th April: Crafty Fox Market, Peckham
26th April- Crafty Fox Market, Brixton
11th May: Quirky Boutique Wedding Fair, Brighton

Thanks to CL.AM for sending me this lovely stationery to review. All opinions are of course my own.

Please do pop back on Thursday for my next National Stationery Week 2014 review.

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Perfumed Prose

Posted by on Nov 6, 2010 in Home & Garden | 4 comments

It’s so lovely to receive a hand-written letter on beautiful paper, but even nicer when it has been written on scented paper or with perfumed ink. Since my post on letter-writing, I have had lots of requests to write about this, so it’s time I shared with you my scenting secrets!

I have a range of coloured ink cartridges by J. Herbin, some of which are scented, which I bought in the shop of the National Gallery London. These are small cartridges, and so do not fit my Waterman pen or my vintage Parker pen, but I just buy a selection of cheap fountain pens in WHSmith that take this size cartridge and then I have a pen for each colour.



I make my own scented ink and paper following instructions in The Fragrant Pharmacy: The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy and Essential Oils by Valerie Ann Worwood. This book has almost been a bible to me since I bought it 20 years – so much so that I had to buy a second copy as you can see!



Making perfumed ink is easy: ‘just add to the bottle 2 drops of essential oil for each millilitre of ink.’

I like to match the scent of the ink to the colour or scent of the paper. Here are Valerie’s instructions for making perfumed paper:

‘For a one-off letter just dab a drop of [essential] oil on the corner of the paper, seal in the envelope and send. To infuse a whole box of paper and envelopes cut into small pieces a paper tissue, a cotton handkerchief, blotting paper or gauze – you only need half a dozen or so pieces about an inch square – put a drop of essential oil on each piece, and place them in different places between the sheets of paper or envelopes. Seal the box tightly, or if you don’t have a box put them in a plastic bag and seal, and leave for at least twenty-four hours. Which essential oils you use is entirely up to you. Try lemon oil on lemon- or cream-coloured paper, orange oil on peach-coloured paper, lavender on lavender paper and so forth’

Valerie also advises that ‘the aroma will henceforth be associated subconsciously not only with you, but with the nature of the news you send, so don’t send perfumed letters with bad news in them or the recipient of that letter will relive the emotions they felt on feeling that news everytime they smell the same aroma in the future. Send only good news in perfumed letters.’


Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a love letter on paper scented with rose essential oil?  Well a girl can dream …

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Letter to an old friend

Posted by on Oct 1, 2010 in Home & Garden, Personal | 2 comments

Rain and a headache today meant that I postponed my plans to take the Princess out on a train journey and cycle in the country. But sometimes a rainy day at home can be just as perfect, and a time to catch up on nice things, such as writing letters.

I have loved writing (and receiving) letters ever since I was little. My aunty, who used to live with us, moved away when I was seven, and I used to write to her every day! I would rush home from school in my lunch breaks and eagerly wait for the postman, looking out from a little window at the top of the stairs where I could best see his van approach.

I can’t say I have changed much, and still love to receive post. I also love email, and social networking – for me the more ways I can communicate with my friends the better. But there is still nothing like good old-fashioned snail mail, and the delight of seeing a colourful envelope peeping out amongst the brown and white ones.

Nice writing paper is for me what shoes or chocolate are for some. I cannot resist a stationery shop, especially in Paris (Mélodies Graphiques and Papier Plus on the rue de Pont Louis Phillipe make me go weak at the knees!), but I will buy writing paper whenever I see any I like, whether I need it or not.


Today I wrote on some paper from a Martha Stewart collection, which I picked up in TKMAXX. It contains postcards, note cards and seals, writing paper and envelopes, all with illustrations taken from antique botanical prints. Perfect for me as I love gardening, and old prints. I like to write my letters with a fountain pen – my stationery fetish is such that I even have perfumed ink – after all, if you are writing a special letter, you may as well go all out!

My headache turned out to be a good thing after all then. It made me take a break from the computer and constant stream of tweets and facebook notifications, and sit down with a peppermint tea and write. There is something very relaxing about writing long-hand, and thinking carefully about what you want to say rather than dashing off a quick email. Just think of the warm glow you get when you receive a hand-written letter from a dear friend, so why not sit down and write one yourself – spread the love.

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