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GOSH Sunless Tanners

Posted by on May 26, 2011 in Fashion & Beauty | 2 comments

I am Irish. Pale. White. I do not look glamourous white like Dita von Teese, I just look ill. I have only been tanned twice in my life – it took four summer months living in Portugal and a year in France – and even then I barely compared with someone who had spent a week in sunny Bognor Regis.

I need all the help I can get in the summer in order to look remotely healthy, and so I was delighted to try out GOSH’s new range of sunless tanners now available at Superdrug.

GOSH sunless tanners come in three formats: Gosh Self Tan Mousse, Gosh Self Tan Lotion, and Gosh Instant Tan Gel (in Light or Medium).

The easiest to apply is the Self Tan Mousse, which dispenses as a light whipped foam, and is coloured, which helps to show where you have applied the product and thus avoid a streaky tan. It’s suitable for face and body, provides a tan that lasts for up to six days, and can be reapplied to build up a deeper, darker tan.

Gosh Self Tan Mousse

My favourite of the range is the Gosh Self Tan Lotion. Like the mousse, it is coloured, and easy to apply, and I found it completely streak-free. It also gave a very natural looking tan. Apparently this is because it is enriched with sugar-based DHA, which works with the skin’s acidity to create a more natural looking colour.

Gosh Self Tan Lotion

I took some ‘before and after’ photographs to show the result of the Self Tan Lotion. These don’t really reflect the true colour, and as I was white to begin with, the tan is very subtle, but I liked this – I did not look like I’d been tangoed, and it gave me just enough colour to bare my legs to an unsuspecting public.




The final product in the trio of sunless tanners is Gosh Instant Tan Gel. This washes off with soap and water, so is perfect if you just want a light tan for an evening out, or if you have forgotten to apply a sunless tanner the day before and need an instant hit of colour. It can be used on face and body, but I liked it best for the face, as I was not confident enough to risk the longer lasting lotion or mousse on my face. It also contains a natural-based moisturiser (that contains extracts of sugarbeet root, corn starch, Vitamons A, E and Linoleic Acid) so both softens and helps protect the skin from free radicals.

Gosh Instant Tan Gel


The Gosh Range is exclusively available at Superdrug, and also includes a range of bronzers, that I will be reviewing in my next post, and offering you the chance to win one – please watch this space!

The Gosh products were provided free-of-charge by PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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