As predicted, today I mostly ate the same as yesterday, as had so many leftovers to make use of.

I didn’t photograph breakfast, as it was almost identical to yesterday’s (frittata – though today I had didn’t have any bacon and just ate it cold with tomatoes).

For dinner I reheated the leftover chilli, and had that with purple sprouted broccoli, toasted flaked almonds, and baked sweet potatoes. For these I followed the recipe from my Nom Nom Paleo app: Baked Sweet Potatoes with Ghee (there is also a version with coconut oil on her blog). I had not baked sweet potatoes before, so I followed Nom Nom’s instructions to the letter, apart from where she said to melt some ghee and brush it on the potatoes – I went all Nigella Lawson instead and melted the ghee in my hands and caressed it into the sweet potatoes (you get the picture!).




Twas all yummy, and thankfully the heat has subsided a little bit here in Topsham Towers, so I was able to cook and eat without passing out.

Apart from the heat, feeling great on the Whole30 – a third of the way through now. Had loads of energy today, did Pilates, and cycled into Exeter and back (the return journey laden with vegetables and fruit) and still going strong.

Whole30: 10 down, 20 to go!

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