After my success with the reintroduction of dairy following the Whole30 elimination diet, today  I threw all caution to the wind when I met my very lovely friends from The Anamum Diary in Lyme Regis.



I started off quite good and said no to an ice cream, though they looked amazing! I did nibble on some samples of sugary sea salt fudge in the fudge shop though. I should have stopped there, as you are only supposed to introduce one new thing at a time, but did I hell. Oh no, not when I was in the vicinity of a Town Mill Bakery.




How could I resist freshly made-on-the-premises sourdough bread, with walnuts in. I had one, two, three (ahem) slices, with butter, and soup.




Delicious! But boy did I pay the price. It started as I was waiting for the bus back to Devon, belly swelling up, and me feeling distinctly uncomfortable. Then on the bus – let’s just say it was a windy journey, and no, it wasn’t an open top bus (wish it had been!). Sorry if that is TMI, but I want to give an honest account of the effects of my reintroduction of wheat (and there’s more to come!).

When I got back to Topsham Towers I was so wiped out I had to have a little nap – followed by two trips to the bathroom! Crazy effects just from eating bread. I thought I could go all gung-ho and ‘I can eat what I like, I’ll handle the consequences’ but that reaction, after thirty days of no such issues, has made me rethink my attitude. Perhaps throwing caution to the wind (wind being the operative word) is not such a good idea. Bread is most certainly back off the menu.

But it did not spoil my day, spent in great company and a in such a beautiful place. And we saw a man balancing rocks – incredible!


rock balancing Lyme Regis


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